Fishing the Olympic Peninsula with Windle's Guide Service



February through April is the best time to cast over winter steelhead natives.  Six to eight weight rods with a good sink tip, a reel with a smooth drag, and a box of bright pattern streamers will drive these aggressive feeders crazy!


August through October is the time for the ultimate fly rod fish, the summer steelhead.  We walk or drift after these acrobatic bullet shaped predators, casting four to seven weight rods with floating lines and four to six pound leaders.  Early in the season dark nymphs and emergers  are used.  Primarily small caddis fly types are used on the top water feeding frenzies as the water warms in mid-September and October.  The rivers are relatively low in the summer and the steelhead will school up in the deeper holes making sight fishing in the gin clear water very productive.



August and September bring summer Coho's by the thousands to the  famous Sol Duc river.  These fish are taken on light set ups with flashy midsize streamers with fast retrieves and jerky mooches.  These Coho salmon and summer steelhead will give you the ride of your life both averaging 8-20 lbs.  This is a light line fisherman's dream!



October through November Fall kings and silvers are the  next in line for a real line burner.  These fish hit the rivers by the thousands, thus making it fairly easy to hook onto that monster or trophy class hooknose silver that you've been dreaming about.  Heavier gear is required to catch these monsters!    We like to use seven to nine weight rods, exceptional breaking reels, and large glittery, bright colored polar shrimp patterns.  Windle's Guide Service is committed to making your dream a reality!

Your Guide Carl Windle w/ a nice King